Is Solar Energy Expensive?
The size of your panel installation and the needs of your home will affect your costs. The average net cost of a 5.69kW system is $13,838 cash after 30% rebate (according to An average-sized system can cost up to $35,000. Larger installations will require more hardware, planning and construction time. This can further increase costs. While solar panels are expensive, they have many distinct benefits. Cool Blew Electric & Solar’s experts can assess your situation and goals and recommend a cost-effective system to meet your needs.
How Much Can I Save By Installing Solar Panels?
An average-sized system (5 kilowatts) can reduce up to 50% of your monthly electricity bill. A 5.69kW system would offset 100% of your energy usage if your typical monthly bill is $138. Over a period of 20 years, these savings can add up to $30,000, based on your location and energy usage.
How Long Would It Take to Recoup My Solar Investment by Solar Energy Savings?
With a 5.69kW Solar system you would recoup your savings in 7 years and 2 months but with continuous Utility increases every year your Return and Investment will be much sooner.
What is a Solar Lease Program?
The Solar Lease Program has been one the most popular option that homeowners have chosen over the years. Solar Lease programs gives homeowners the opportunity to take advantage and put Solar on their homes and a guaranteed savings from their Utility for little to no money out of pocket. Most Leases are 20 year power guarantee from the solar provider and includes fixed monthly payments, no repair cost, fully insured and warrantied for the life of the system.
Can I Get A Solar System Installed with No Money Down?
Solar Lease Programs require No Money Down but many homeowners are opting to purchase and own their Solar systems instead and with the new finance options available they also require No Money Down. It’s never a better time to go solar especially since there is no upfront investment needed but a guaranteed savings and peace of mind.
Will A Solar System Increase the Value of My Home?
Increased Home Value: Lower utility bills improve the value of your home. In fact, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) concluded that homes with solar panels sold for 17% more than homes with conventional utilities.