2020 Politics and Home Solar

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The 2020 general election is fast approaching, and politics is dominating countless news cycles. While there are plenty of issues to debate, the reality is that Americans, regardless of their political leanings, agree on solar. They like it and want more of it.

According to data from Pew Research Center, nearly 90% of Americans want more solar farms to be constructed. And almost two out of three of all Americans support the idea that new homes built in their state be required to have solar. This is already a mandate in California. Gallup research also supports the popularity of solar, with findings from a study showing that 80% of Americans supporting more emphasis on solar as an energy source.

Increasing Support for Solar

The Solar Energy Industries Association and the Global Strategies Group delved into the research to determine key reasons why the majority of Americans approve of solar. What stood out was their belief in the technology being clean, healthy and good for the economy. As more of the country becomes concerned about climate change, the reduction of carbon pollution, including switching to solar, has also been a focus.

Don’t Forget the Economy

Solar popularity is also closely tied to the economy. Americans realize that the industry’s potential can deliver many new jobs. As more homeowners install solar, and costs continue to drop, the number of solar panel installers is increasing at a rapid rate.

The elections will have an impact on the solar industry, particularly with the investment tax credit being phased out in 2022. There will also be many more innovations in solar technology and storage in the coming years, as well as changes to federal support. Stay tuned!

At Cool Blew Solar, we will be keeping a close eye on this political season and any changes that could impact homeowners like you. Have questions? We’re always here with answers and the highest quality home solar solutions.