2021 Home Solar Technology Advances

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It’s an exciting time in solar technology—with innovations springing up in many forms, including solar farms in the Arizona deserts to floating solar farms on reservoirs and dams. The International Energy Agency predicts a 43 percent increase in the capacity for renewable electricity by 2025. Some of the recent solar panel breakthroughs will be exciting options for you to discuss with your solar installer to see if they may be right for your clean energy needs now or soon.

Ground Mount Solar

If your roof isn’t at the correct angle for solar arrays, has obstructions such as tree branches or chimneys, or doesn’t face south, ground mounted solar panels may be the best option. These solar panel systems can be designed to match your home’s power generation needs without the space limitations of rooftop solar panels. These systems are easy to install on the ground or on poles located anywhere on your property. The panels can be placed at the optimal angle, as they are not dependent on your roof. Another benefit is easier access to clean and maintain the solar panels.

Community Solar Gardens

What if you want to have solar panels, but don’t own your property or live in a development with other homeowners and want to share clean energy? A community solar farm may just be the answer. You can receive the benefits of the clean electricity generated without installing solar panels on your roof or at ground level. The solar power plant resides in the neighborhood and is another way to benefit from renewable energy and lower your monthly utility bill.

Solar Shingles

These small roof tiles generate clean energy via a photovoltaic system like traditional solar panels. Solar shingles currently cost more per square foot but have been shown to raise home market values. Tesla research shows solar shingles lasting well over 30 years before the need for replacement.

Solar Skins

Like those catchy bus wraps advertising Phoenix Suns basketball games, solar skins can have custom images embedded into solar panels. Using technology selectively filtering sunlight, solar roof panels can have an image such as a cactus garden or green lawn. These solar panels for your home are aesthetically pleasing and can be made in most any shade, color, or pattern. Solar skins use rail-free racking systems, concealed metal components, and sit lower on your roof. You can learn more from the experts at Cool Blew Solar.

Solar power technology is rapidly evolving, providing homeowners with greater flexibility in panel options. For more information on solar power advancements, call Cool Blew Solar today at 623-234-2836.