3 Important Home Solar Considerations

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Like a growing number of homeowners, you may be evaluating whether or not solar energy is the right option for your family and budget. It’s a fact that home solar energy offers some measurable benefits, but you’ll want to carefully weigh this option before making a decision.

Solar Energy Can’t Be Regulated

Perhaps above all other considerations, you’ll want to ponder this reality. Solar power cannot be regulated by the government, and thus, it can’t be taxed by the government. It’s impossible to measure home solar energy use because it’s generated from the sun instead of a power plant.

Solar Energy Is Free

Although there’s a cost for buying and installing a home solar power system before you can start benefiting from solar energy, the solar energy itself is free. In other words, there’s a one-time, upfront cost, but after that, there is no monthly utility bill. The price of energy derived from other sources will continue to rise. Meanwhile, the cost of solar energy will remain the same – free.

Solar Energy Is Non-Polluting

Although the financial advantage of home solar is remarkable, there is also the environmental impact. Solar power is renewable and non-polluting.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Because solar panels have no moving parts, they require little maintenance and will remain functional for 20 years or more. The only maintenance required typically is cleaning once or twice a year to remove accumulated dust and debris.

Unlimited Energy

Fossil fuels are not unlimited. As they become scarcer, the price of energy will rise. It’s simply a matter of supply and demand. Instead of being at the mercy of utility companies that are more than happy to raise rates on homeowners, you’ll have the benefit of having a system that more than pays for itself.

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