5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Solar Panels

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One of the biggest advantages of solar panels is they require minimal maintenance. With no moving parts, they’re easy to keep clean. But, from time to time, they do require some routine upkeep. With spring here, it just makes sense to add them to your spring cleaning list.

The following tips can help keep your solar panels in Peoria in tip top shape!

Buy a Solar Panel Cleaning Kit

Invest in a solar panel cleaning kit that contains the right soap, cleaning brush, and a squeegee. Standard cleaning supplies like biodegradable soap and old rags can be used but may not clean as effectively.

Read Manufacturer Instructions

Your solar panel manufacturer may have specific recommendations on how to best clean solar panels. Some systems need to be shut down before cleaning. And there might be other unique requirements. Don’t forget to read these instructions before spring cleaning!

Spray Panels with Water

The best place to start is to grab a hose to rinse off dust, dirt, and grime built up over fall and winter. This will easily remove loose debris, making it easier to clean your solar panels with soap. Don’t forget cleaning your solar panels with cold water on a very hot day may cause the panels to crack. Ideally, clean panels in the early morning when the temperatures are at the lowest.

Use a Light Touch

Pressure washers or abrasive detergents may sound like the fastest way to clean your solar panels, but don’t be tempted. Pressure washers can scratch the panels and damage the photovoltaic cells. High water pressure directly on the panels can also damage the seal around the panel frame, potentially allowing water to enter the panels.

Roof Panel Cleaning Precautions

Your roof solar panels may be difficult to clean from the ground. Watch your step when climbing a ladder and walking on a roof. The roof will be very slippery when cleaning with soap and water and using safety ropes and a harness may not be worth the risk.

If you want to potentially avoid damage to your solar system and don’t feel comfortable cleaning solar panels on your home’s roof, contacting a professional solar installer may be your best bet. They’ll ensure the job is done right giving you peace of mind.

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