Aesthetics of Home Solar Panels

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If you’ve been pondering the possibility of a home solar panel installation, you’ve probably thought about how it may impact the look of your home. It’s a common concern, but there’s an old adage that applies – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If you ask a homeowner who has already moved to solar, they’ll likely tell you that the function of their panels makes them aesthetically pleasing. In other words, beauty is as beauty does. In fact, most consider the look of solar panels as a non-issue. What matters the most is the savings they see every month on their electricity usage. Imagine not having to cringe when you open that utility bill and taking comfort that you’re helping to support a more sustainable future.

Yes, it’s true. We’re all still getting used to the look of solar panels on roofs, as parking lot overhangs, and elsewhere. But this shift is representative of innovation and the progression we’re taking toward more renewable energy sources.

Choose a Professional Installer

Of course, not all home solar panel installations are created equal. A professional installer is far more likely to help you make your panels look attractive. This includes spacing them evenly and covering the majority of the roof without exposed wires and hardware.

Interestingly, many homeowners want their neighbors and visitors to notice their home solar panels because they send a message of a commitment to go green. They don’t want to disguise the panels and consider their visibility as a way to encourage others to go solar, too. Yes, solar is cool and fashionable.

Solar Looks Great

The fact of the matter is solar looks great, so flaunt it proudly. At Cool Blew Solar, we can help you plan for your move to solar and ensure your home continues to look beautiful while you begin to save substantially on your electricity costs. Call us today for a free estimate. You’ll be glad that you did.