Amplify the Value of Home Solar with a KVAR Energy Controller

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There is no disputing that a home solar system can help you save substantially on electricity. However, many homeowners are surprised to find out that the savings can be even greater with the installation of a KVAR Energy Controller. For those who don’t have a home solar system, they can also save with the installation of this versatile device.

What Is a KVAR Energy Controller?

Installed next to your electrical panel, a KVAR Energy Controller optimizes the way every motor operates in your home. This includes motors for your refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, washing machine, dryer, air conditioner, pool pump, garage door opener and more. In other words, the KVAR Energy Controller makes them operate more efficiently, cooler and enables them to last longer.

At Cool Blew, we can determine if a KVAR Energy Controller is right for your home by verifying your home’s power factor and inventorying its operating motors. To do this, one of our electricians will use a patented power quality meter to determine the average power factor of your home. If that power factor can be improved upon by using a KVAR Energy Controller, the electrician can install the unit and verify the improved average power factor.

Once installed the KVAR Energy Controller will enable all the motors of your home to run more efficiently, saving you continuously by decreasing your overall electricity consumption. Our KVAR distributors guarantee a minimum of six percent savings on your energy bill. We only use energy controllers that are UL listed and CSA certified.

KVAR Energy Controller Benefits

  • Lowers utility bills by six to 15 percent
  • Lowers overhead by increasing motor life
  • Reduces machinery downtime
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Reduces heat and vibration of motors
  • Protects motors from voltage fluctuation
  • Slows the power meter
  • 25-year life expectancy
  • Rapid return on investment

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