Autumn Is the Season for Solar Panels

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The cool down has already begun for Phoenicians who will soon be enjoying more comfortable weather ahead. We’re all looking forward to pleasant temperatures—enjoying more time outdoors and decreased electricity bills. With cooler weather, Autumn is a great time to consider installing roof or ground level solar panels. Here are a few additional reasons to consider going solar that will maximize your return on investment while streamlining your home solar system installation project.

Excess Energy

During the fall, temperatures are cooler, but because the sun is still shining brightly overhead, plenty of solar electricity can be generated. You can feed some of this excess electricity back to the utility grid (APS or SRP) throughout the fall season and gain solar energy credits that can be used for times when you may need to reduce your electricity bill. By having a solar panel system installed in autumn, you’ll have a few months to maximize this period of green energy overproduction, which can help you reach your investment break-even point sooner.

Quicker Installation

Spring is traditionally a solar provider’s busiest time of year, and may, in some cases, lead to wait times of around four to six weeks for installation and permits. The number of home solar installations picks up significantly during this season for obvious reasons—homeowners are sick and tired of spending large sums of money each month on home cooling. But as autumn arrives, the number of home installations starts to gradually slow down, and most likely you’ll be able to get a faster solar panel system installation.

Installing in autumn also means you’ll have your solar PV system set up in time to offset high electricity bills associated with increased heat usage in winter when daily temperatures drop. You can also gain the advantages of tax credits, while being ready for the warmer months when spring and summer arrive in 2022.

Gift of Solar

Already thinking about holiday gift giving even though it’s only September? Instead of buying traditional holiday gifts this year, why not consider a home solar system that will reduce utility bills? This gift can help a loved one save substantially over many years. In other words, it’s a gift that will keep on giving.

Bottom Line

Want to learn more about a fall installation of a new home solar energy system? Call your local home solar team at Cool Blew Solar today at 623-234-2836. Going solar can be a valuable clean energy solution that you’ll enjoy for many years to follow.