Be Solar Wise, Don’t Buy Cheap Solar Panels

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Investing in a home solar system is a significant financial decision for any homeowner in Arizona. So, it’s important to choose a system that will give you the cleanest energy for your hard-earned money. Unfortunately, with the rise in popularity of home solar systems has come less than honest solar installers who are more interested in making a quick sale than providing quality products and service. Cheap solar panels, along with poor workmanship, and shady sales tactics, are all things to watch out for.

Cheap Isn’t Better

Buyer beware. It’s simply a fact that you get what you pay for. If a solar installer is offering panels at a much lower cost than the competitors, there’s probably a reason why. Remember, cheap, poor-quality panels are prone to failure, usually after just a few years. This simply isn’t worth the risk. Only choose panels from a trusted manufacturer with ratings that back up what the salesperson is saying.

The lower end of the solar panel market is flooded with bargain basement retailers in a race to the bottom. Their real goal is to compete on price, and their only option is to cut costs wherever possible. Unfortunately for you, that usually starts with inexpensive solar panel components, using the cheapest possible wiring, panels, racking, mounts, cables, and connectors, paired with low quality inverters. Cutting corners on quality runs a very high risk of faults occurring, especially when exposed to prolonged periods of extreme weather. In hotter climates like in Arizona, high heat can create issues like cracking and hot spots.  

Poor Workmanship

Solar panel installation is truly an art and a science. You want a reliably qualified and experienced contractor who knows what they’re doing. If the contractor isn’t licensed, just walk away. This will save you money now and years of issues in the future.

Pull Off the Shades

Don’t give in to high pressure sales tactics. Making the decision to go solar requires careful thought and planning. You’ll want to make a decision that fits with your long-term financial goals.

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