Beat the Heat and Start Saving with Home Solar Installation This Summer

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The summer heat is undeniably in full force here in the Valley of the Sun. And, we have months of long, hot days (and nights) with high air conditioning usage still to come. Isn’t it time to consider installing home solar panels, so you can enjoy the summer without fretting about rising energy bills?

While having solar panels installed is undeniably beneficial any time of the year, it offers even more advantages during the summer. Of course, there’s plenty of sunlight which can be converted into electricity. But, with daily temperatures consistently in the triple digits, home energy usage is spiking just to keep things cool. With a home solar system, you can begin mitigating your high power consumption and start harvesting the power of the sun. This means lower utility bills now – and for many summers to come.

With the abundance of sunshine this time of year, your newly installed home solar panels will collect lots of energy to power more than just your air conditioning. Your entire household will be running efficiently, significantly lowering or even eliminating your monthly utility costs. Imagine not having to dread that monthly bill. This could be your reality, and trust us, you’ll enjoy putting money back into your pocket each month.

Another benefit to installing solar sooner than later is the reality that the federal Solar Investment Tax Credit will be dropping to 22% next year and then going away after that. Time is of the essence, so to speak, if you want to save on a home solar system. It’s also important to remember that home solar installations require permits and inspections which can take time. So, if you start now, you can still start enjoying the benefits this summer.

With longer average days with plenty of sunlight, it’s a perfect time to turn panels into free electricity. Why not find out if solar is right for you and your home? Give Cool Blew Solar a call today at 623-234-2836.