Benefits of Solar Panel Batteries

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Installing a solar panel system is a great investment, enabling you to produce your own power and reduce high monthly electricity bills. Solar batteries can take this efficiency gain up a notch by storing energy during the day that can be utilized at night. Yes, it’s a smart decision if your goal is energy independence.

Some homeowners have had solar panel systems installed without solar batteries or panel systems that used old lead acid solar battery technology. Lead acid batteries had to be installed in a separate battery enclosure to reduce the potential of venting toxic gases. Thanks to advances in lithium-ion solar battery technology, home installation is now safe (no vented toxic gases), they utilize smart energy management (not unlike a smart AC thermostat), and the cost of solar batteries has decreased over 90% (more affordable than ever).

Top Benefits of Solar Batteries

  • They are eligible for the 26% federal tax credit, as well as local and State of Arizona tax incentives. This makes solar batteries an incredibly attractive investment.
  • They store excess energy produced during daylight hours. When the sun goes down, you’ll have clean energy available to power your home during the night. You don’t need to sell back to the grid excess energy. This provides you more control over how you use energy and where the excess energy goes.
  • They stay powered on during severe weather events. Summer monsoon storms may result in power outages lasting from minutes to hours or even longer. This is where a solar battery comes in and keeps your lights on.
  • They enable you to be energy independent, providing protection from utility blackouts and the opportunity to live off the grid at night.
  • They reduce your home’s carbon footprint. Solar batteries create substantially less pollution than traditional fossil fuels—helping you to “go green” and consume fewer resources.
  • They produce no noise pollution. Unlike gas operated or electrically powered backup generators, solar batteries are silent.
  • They reduce or even eliminate electric bills. Solar batteries provide constantly flowing, clean, green energy. Whether you’re living completely off-grid or you’re connected to the energy grid, you’re saving money on electricity costs with solar.

For homeowners with solar panels installed, solar batteries are a fabulous way to enjoy a reliable energy source for years to come. At Cool Blew, we’re here to help you obtain the best return on your investment in solar. We encourage you to schedule a time for a free consultation and quote. Call us today at 623-234-2836.