Best Places on Your Home to Install Solar Panels

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You’ve made the decision to go solar in 2022 but are unsure where to install solar panels. Maybe you don’t like traditional panel installation spots, such as on your rooftop. But you want to choose the right solar panel placement for your property to maximize your return on your solar investment, match your aesthetic choices, and provide the greatest solar array efficiency.

On the Roof

There are a few factors your solar installation company will investigate before considering a rooftop installation:

  • Is your rooftop strong enough to support a solar panel array?
  • Would there be enough space on your roof for all the panels required?
  • Would the angle and direction of your rooftop be ideal for photovoltaic panels?
  • Are buildings, chimneys, antennas, other houses, or trees shading the roof?

South-facing roofs provide the most direct exposure to the sun north of the equator to collect and convert sunlight into clean energy.

On the Ground

Not thrilled with the aesthetics of panels on your roof? Do you have other architectural considerations? Is a rooftop mounting not practical because of limitations like space? Ground mounted solar panels may be the best option. There are two choices to consider: standard ground mounts and pole mounts.

On a South Facing Wall

If your home doesn’t have a south-facing roof, you can go with south-facing, wall mounted panels. Installing on your home’s south wall will allow your panels to be architecturally pleasing and properly positioned to maximize solar power collection.

On a Garage or Shed

When there’s not enough space on your rooftop, installing solar panels on your garage or shed may be a good option. The design of your garage or shed must have the ability to support enough panels to make the system feasible and cost effective.

On an Awning or Overhang

Solar panels can also be installed by positioning them as you would a patio awning or roof overhang. Solar awnings have an advantage by reducing solar heat gain inside your home by up to 77%.

On a Solar Pergola, Gazebo, Solarium, or Carport

Pergolas, carports, gazebos, or solariums can be constructed to hold solar panels. These structures naturally receive a large amount of sunlight making them great choices for a solar panel project that is aesthetically pleasing.

Call the Installation Professionals at Cool Blew Solar

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