Best Uses for Home Solar Energy

Best Uses for Home Solar Energy

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In today’s ever changing global economy, having a solar energy plan has become a must have on your homeowner to-do list. Going solar is probably at or near the top of your neighbors to do list, too. And for good reason. There are so many ways to easily harvest the power of the sun. With more and more homeowners making everyday use of the sun’s rays as one of their sources of renewable energy, going solar no longer means you’ll need to make a budget-breaking investment. Here’s a short list of a few popular and affordable home uses to get you started with gaining the benefits of solar power.

Solar Heating for Your Pool

Who doesn’t want to be able to use their pool year-round in Phoenix metro? Swimming is everyone’s idea of joyful fun. Yet, most don’t want to pay for propane gas tanks installed underground on their property to fuel swimming all year. Heating with electricity adds multiples of kWh to your monthly utility bill. To fix the issue of jumping into a pool too cold after September, you can add a simple floating solar blanket on top of your pool. It’s a basic passive heating appliance that runs by absorbing the sun’s rays and transmitting it to your pool water.

Solar Water Heater

You can easily replace your water heater powered by electricity or gas with an active or passive hot water system. An active solar hot water heater uses mechanical circulating pumps to move water from rooftop heat collection panels down into a solar storage water heater tank. A passive hot water system has no mechanical pump parts as it operates by the physics of heat naturally rising.

Power Your House

By installing or upgrading solar ground mounted or rooftop panels, you’ll instantly become part of the rapidly growing solar powered community worldwide. Solar panels can be used to power your home and devices with clean, renewable energy.

We Help Your Home Become Solarized

With Cool Blew Solar you have a top-notch locally owned contractor on your side. Our deep expertise as a solar energy installation business in the Valley of the Sun will provide you with all the information necessary to go solar or add to your residential solar powered array. The risk in this green economy is low, and the rewards for you and your family are very high. At Cool Blew Solar, we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and help you grow your investment in clean, solar power. Call us at 623-234-2836 to schedule your free appointment today.