Solar panels on a house roof, harnessing renewable energy.

Best Ways for Your Home Solar Panels to Excel During Winter

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If you’re a homeowner with solar panels in Peoria, Gilbert or anywhere in the Valley of the Sun, you know that solar is a great value, even in the winter. Yet while solar panels thrive in the greater Phoenix area with our plentiful sunshine and mild winter temps averaging around 65 degrees, there are some simple steps you can do to keep your system as productive as possible.

Keep Them Clean

One of the biggest factors in winter solar yield is panel cleanliness. Pollen, dust, and dirt from seasonal storms may accumulate more at this time of the year when rain is infrequent. Make sure to inspect your panels at ground level and if necessary, wash down the panels every so often with water from your yard hose. Avoid abrasive brushes or soaps which can damage panel surfaces.

Trim Branches

You’ll want to trim back any nearby trees that may be shading parts of your solar panel array. While Arizona’s winter sun angle is lower than in the summer, there actually can be more hours of usable sunshine during daylight hours to compensate for this.

Check Tilt and Angle

Cooler winter temperatures may also trigger condensation buildup on your solar panels in the early mornings. Double check the panels to position them at effective tilts and angles to allow the moisture to run off.  If you haven’t yet done your fall or winter HVAC maintenance, make sure your local servicing professionals check that the HVAC system heat exhaust isn’t blowing directly onto your solar panels. This can result in reduced energy output.

Contact Cool Blew Solar

By keeping up with minor late fall and winter seasonal maintenance, your solar panels can actually outperform their summer energy production meaning more savings for you this winter.

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