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Best Ways to Avoid Solar PaneI Installation Scams in Arizona

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Installing solar panels on your Arizona home can save you thousands on electricity bills for decades to follow. But beware of shady solar companies who try to scam homeowners with deceptive tactics and false promises. Use these tips to steer clear of solar panel scams and learn how to find an ethical installer when going solar in Arizona.

Vet Several Installers Thoroughly

Thoroughly research any and all solar installers that you’re considering. Check for complaints filed with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and the Better Business Bureau. Also, verify that they have an active contractor’s license. Unlicensed solar companies are more likely to scam customers.

Avoid High-Pressure Sales Tactics

Never feel rushed into signing a solar contract. Unethical salespeople create false urgency to get homeowners to sign without scrutinizing the deal. Insist on time to review the contract thoroughly or walk away. A legitimate company won’t pressure you.

Don’t Pay Large Upfront Fees

For standard solar installations, you should not have to pay any large sums up front. Scam artists will demand big deposit payments before doing any real work. Then, they’ll take your money and run.

Read All Contract Details Closely

Before signing a solar contract, read it from start to finish. Make sure you understand every term and fee. Watch for hidden costs buried in fine print. Also, confirm the company will pull all needed permits and arrange inspections.

Research Financing Thoroughly

If financing solar panels, shop financing offers from multiple lenders. Make sure interest rates and repayment terms are reasonable. Unethical installers partner with unscrupulous lenders and won’t disclose expensive loan terms until late in the process.

Confirm Right to Cancel Contract

Arizona law gives you three business days to cancel a solar contract penalty-free. Unethical installers may falsely claim you’ve waived this right. But check the contract to ensure this cooling-off period exists.

Contact Your Locally Owned Cool Blew Solar

With solar scams on the rise, especially with snow birds flocking back to the Valley of the Sun, doing your due diligence is key before installing panels. Reputable solar companies do abound in Arizona. Taking the time to thoroughly vet installers will help you find one you can trust. Best of all, your trustworthy and reputable installation experts at Cool Blew Solar are ready for your call. Contact us today at 623-234-2836 for a free quote. We’re a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business, and Cool Blew, Inc. has been servicing customers in Phoenix metro since 2002.