Best Ways to Keep Solar Panels Clean During Monsoon Season

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The dew point has been steadily rising since June when the monsoon season officially started. Walking outdoors now feels downright muggy in the Valley of the Sun, and you know what that means. Monsoon thunderstorms, lots of rain, wind, and plenty of dust. It’s no wonder that many homeowners who have rooftop systems ask about maintaining their panels this time of year.

Dirt and dust that settle on solar panels can block sunlight, reducing system efficiency. Flat-tilt panel designs are most likely to collect dust, but all panels will gather some dust and debris after a haboob (dust storm) in Arizona. However, the good news is that in most cases, the decrease in power output is relatively minor in most situations.

After a significant monsoon storm, you can rinse off panels with a hose and a mild detergent from ground level. Avoid standing on a ladder due to the danger of falls. Never walk on top of solar panels or your roof as panel damage can occur and falls from home roofs can be catastrophic. Your professionals at Cool Blew Solar don’t recommend using a pressure washer. The best way to do the job is on the ground with a long-handled implement. Or, better yet, call in the experts at Cool Blew Solar. Along with removing dust, debris, and dirt, we can remove bird droppings, which can build up over time on a system’s microinverters, as well as on the solar panels themselves.

Keep Solar Panels Clean

While your panels will still produce plenty of energy before, during, and after a monsoon thunderstorm, it’s still a good idea to schedule regular cleaning. Why? Well, you may experience a 20% to 35% decrease in energy production if you go two or more years without a cleaning during summer monsoons. That’s a significant hit to your pocketbook due to increased monthly utility bills as production levels drop. Keep in mind that you will only save as much money on your energy bills as can be produced by your solar panel array.

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