Best Ways to Optimize Your Home Solar Panel Energy Output

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Summer is a little more than half over, and the Valley of the Sun is experiencing a very active monsoon thunderstorm season. Soaring temperatures and humidity levels followed by drenching rains, flash flooding, hail, and swampy-like temperatures, translates into thinking about practical ways to continuously optimize your solar panel energy output.
The dark side of Arizona summers for newcomers to the desert, is the skyrocketing energy bills and downed power lines after strong monsoon storms roll through, leaving some families without electricity for hours at a time. Some neighborhoods this summer, due to powerful monsoon microbursts knocking down transmission lines and power poles, went without power for days.

By having a solar panel system installed, you’ll be well on your way to fight back against mother nature’s monsoon thunderstorm power outages. This means you’ll have electricity when energy from the local power grid is interrupted, and your family will reduce its dependence on the power grid. If you have solar panels already installed, you know very well the power of energy independence.

To gain the most energy savings from solar panels, the panels need to be operating at their optimum level. Here are four things you can do now to optimize your solar panels power output.

1. Optimal Panel Orientation

In the northern hemisphere, solar panels are installed facing south. This allows your panels to receive the optimal amount of sunlight throughout the year. Your professional installers will orient and angle your panels correctly.

2. No Shade

Solar panels need the sun’s rays to function properly. To gain optimum output from your solar panels, make certain they are not kept in partial or full shade during daytime hours.

3. Buy a Backup Battery

A wide variety of solar battery backup systems are readily available in the consumer marketplace. Having one installed to protect your investment in solar power technology is a perfect way to continue generating clean energy during power grid outages. Ask your local solar panel installers at Cool Blew Solar for solar backup battery suggestions within your budget.

4. Clean the Panels

Make certain after monsoon thunderstorms hit your neighborhood that dust, dirt, and debris hasn’t accumulated on top of your solar panels. This build-up can usually be easily removed to maximize the power of your panels.

Solar panels will help save you even more of your hard-earned money on summer energy bills. By implementing only these four tips, you’ll be gaining the most benefits from your solar power array. Call Cool Blew Solar today at 623-234-2836 to schedule your appointment with one of our dedicated experts.