Buyer Beware When It Comes to Solar Panels

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With the increasing popularity of solar power, there has been an influx of solar marketers who are anxious for your business. You may have received at least a few phone calls, visits or emails from some of these companies. Some are legit while others overpromise energy savings, install less-than-quality equipment or mislead with unclear financing and warranties. In other words, “caveat emptor” or buyer beware!

Here are three ways you can ensure you’re choosing the right solar panel installer and avoid getting ripped off.

Understand Your Energy Usage

Take a look at your monthly electricity bills over the last couple of years. If your bill averages $100 or less, you may not obtain sufficient savings from solar to justify the cost. You’ll also want to consider your roof. You’ll need to have sufficient rooftop space to accommodate solar panels. As well, your roof will need to be in sufficient condition to properly support the panels. Thus, be suspicious of any company that is trying to sell you a system that doesn’t make sense for your particular needs.

Familiarize Yourself with Net Metering

Unless you’re located in the far reaches of the greater Phoenix area, you won’t be able to go completely off the grid. Thus, you’ll still be connected to your local utility company to enable you to receive conventional energy when your panels aren’t generating sufficient electricity for your needs. This connection also allows you to send energy your panels are producing back to the grid.

As part of a solar system installation, you’ll receive a meter that regulates this process. You’ll receive credit for excess energy you produce which can further decrease the cost of going solar. But, don’t believe an installer who says you’ll be completely grid-free.

Choose a Qualified Installer

Unfortunately, some homeowners have been burned by less-than-honorable contractors who deliver poor quality equipment, faulty installation or insufficient warranties. Take the time to check an installer’s references and online reviews. You can also gain insights by contacting the Better Business Bureau.

At Cool Blew Solar, you will gain peace of mind with a proven, experienced solar installer that understands the latest technology, knows the details of tax breaks, incentives and financing and has the expertise to get the job done right the first time. Call us today to learn more about solar panel installation and the potential savings you can gain.