Can Solar Panels Damage Your Roof?

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Each year, thousands of homeowners decide to add solar panels to their roofs to save money and reduce their environmental footprint. Fortunately, for most of these homeowners, the solar panels are installed effectively with minimal risk of roof damage. When there is a report of damage caused by the installation of solar panels to a roof, you can almost always trace it back to an installer who didn’t take the precautionary steps to prevent damage from occurring.

If you’re considering going solar, here are some guidelines to ensure your solar installation goes smoothly.

The installation process

Solar panel installation involves the mounting of panels on specialized racking which is attached to the roof with bolts. Solar racking is designed to withstand extreme weather, including high winds, heavy rain and relentless heat. Yet, it’s vitally important for an installer to completely secure the panels to the roof truss and joist members to ensure they are secure.

Many homeowners are concerned by the penetrations in their roof to secure panels. While this may seem risky, a certified solar installer uses a variety of safety and precautionary measures to ensure a roof is both structurally sound and water tight. Metal or plastic flashings surround the racking feet to prevent water from seeping through. Flashings are incorporated into the existing roofs water barrier system and sealed using sealant to prevent leaks.

Weight considerations

The weight of the solar panel system is another common concern of homeowners. The weight of the panels shouldn’t compromise the integrity of the roof. A qualified solar installer will carefully determine the loads that a roof can hold prior to any installation project.

Solar panels offer protection

Interestingly, one of the lesser known benefits of solar panels is their ability to protect a home’s roof from damaging UV radiation. With this extra shade on a roof’s surface, the life of a roof can be significantly extended.

When properly installed, solar panels present little risk to a home’s roof. At Cool Blew Solar, we offer the highest quality products and installation to ensure you get the most from solar power installation.