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Caring for Your Home Solar System in the Arizona Winter

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According to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport receives 3,872 sunshine hours every year. This makes rooftop solar power generation extremely reliable for local homeowners. However, even here in the Sonoran Desert, solar efficiency can dip somewhat during the shorter winter days and occasional inclement winter storms. Sometimes, these winter storms and freezing temperatures around the Valley of the Sun pose risks that warrant preventative action for safe solar operation all season long.

Continue Monitoring Performance

During January and February, there are typically plenty of sunny days. Yet, chilly and overcast days can cause lower-than-normal energy output from solar panels during this time of year. And your solar system performance can also drop due to buildup of dirt, debris, graupel (soft hail or snow pellets), or if strong wind gusts have shifted panels out of prime wintertime angle alignment.

Inspect Physical Integrity

While Arizona winters remain mild overall compared to the rest of the country, Pacific and Arctic winter storms rolling through occasionally bring frigid temperatures and icy precipitation even to the inner cities and suburbs of the greater Phoenix area. You’ll want to ensure your roof-mounted panels haven’t come loose or been damaged. You can visually check wiring conduits, racking equipment and other structural components at ground level to see if they appear intact and firmly affixed. Consider hiring local, qualified solar installers to conduct thorough examinations and upkeep during and after the winter season.

Test Backup Power Systems

Grid power outages can happen during winter storms. You can have backup battery systems installed and routinely test these robust solar battery backup systems, generators, and emergency electrical cutover equipment. You’ll want to schedule professional installers to perform maintenance checks to inspect all components and load test alternative power systems under simulated outage conditions. Certified installation professionals can discover any issues and fix them accordingly to keep essential electrical supply flowing to your home if winter weather disrupts the main power grid.

Cool Blew Solar Is Your #1 Source for Solar System Installation and Maintenance

Don’t let your precious rooftop solar setup suffer unnoticed damage over the Arizona winter. A bit of preventative planning and proactive solar system care goes a long way toward keeping your renewable energy flowing smoothly when you need it most. Call your locally owned solar professionals at Cool Blew Solar today at 623-234-2836. We’re here to help keep the clean, green energy flowing all year long!