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Celebrate an Energy Independence Day

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 We celebrate Independence Day to reflect on our freedoms. At Cool Blew Solar, we celebrate July 4th by helping Arizona homeowners get one step closer to energy independence. By going solar, you gain the advantage of reducing your complete dependence on energy from your local utility company. As a Peoria homeowner, when you install a solar power system, you have access to at least 300 days of sunshine to turn into savings on your monthly power bills. 

Energy Independence

Non-solar homes are connected to the power grid paired with a utility company which provides power to homes on a demand basis. Every watt of electricity used has a fixed price plus a connection fee and taxes. Going completely energy independent means your home relies on its own source of energy production rather than from your local utility provider. When a solar power system is up and running, you’ll be able to significantly reduce your monthly electricity bill. You’ll be credited back on your energy bill when your excess solar power is sold back to the utility company. 

Going solar means photovoltaic panels produce energy by absorbing the sun’s rays and converting them into a usable power source for your home. This process is a perfect example of renewable energy because your home’s solar panels don’t deplete any power from the sun. This means your solar panels can continue producing energy without having any effects on planet earth. 

There are a number of reasons to move towards energy independence. 

  • Once your solar panel system is up and running, you’ll have protection against fluctuating electricity costs. 
  • The energy your solar system is generating will be 100% renewable. 
  • You’ll have the ability to add on an energy storage system, such as a backup battery, to protect against power outages. 

Start Your Solar Journey 

This year is the right time to declare your power independence and follow it up by moving away from ever higher utility bills. By calling Cool Blew Solar, our installation experts can help you begin the move to solar. We make it easy, and our installers will help guide you through the entire process. We’ll start by assessing your home and your specific needs to determine the best solution for you. As solar experts, we can help you maximize the power of the sun. Solar energy production can reduce your reliance on the power grid and allow you to gain energy independence. Call us today at 1-623-234-2836. 

Happy 4th of July from the entire team at Cool Blew Solar.