Common Solar Power Misconceptions

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Solar power is one of the earth’s most powerful forms of renewable energy. Yet even with the rapid growth of residential solar panel installations, misconceptions surrounding solar power have continued to live on.
When it comes to solar power, not all information out there is accurate.
Cool Blew Solar always educates homeowners about the benefits of solar power while providing clear, straightforward information.
Don’t let these misconceptions prevent you from going solar and missing out on the monthly savings from reduced utility bills.

Solar Power Myths and Facts

Here are some common solar power myths that are frequently brought up by homeowners who are considering a system for their house.

Myth: Home solar panels don’t reduce energy costs.
Fact: Solar panels will replace some or all of the electricity your utility company currently provides. Your total savings will vary depending on the amount of sunlight your home receives, solar panel system size, and local electricity rates. While not beneficial for every homeowner, home solar systems benefit most homeowners. Solar energy can actually be quite cost effective by significantly reducing or even eliminating monthly electricity bills. Combined with the federal tax savings of 30%, you can expect to pay a low monthly cost on your energy bills.

Myth: Solar panels don’t last long.
Fact: Solar panels are designed to last at least 25 years and offer homeowners a great way to reduce their carbon footprint. The lifespan of solar panels will allow you to produce clean energy for many years, offering a great return on investment. After 25 years, your solar panels don’t necessarily need to be replaced, but their ability to absorb sunlight will be reduced.

Myth: Solar panels require a lot of maintenance.
Fact: Solar panels are actually fairly low maintenance. You’ll need to wash off dust, dirt, and debris occasionally. Solar panels are built to last decades and your solar panels are designed to operate in all weather conditions.

Myth: Solar panels only operate on sunny days.
Fact: Actually, solar panels can operate in both sunny, cloudy, cool, and hot conditions. And here in the Valley of the Sun, we actually have the optimal climate for you to gain the maximum value from a solar power system with over 299 sunny days every year.

Cool Blew Solar

It’s true; there are a number of misconceptions about solar power. But our experienced, local solar installers at Cool Blew Solar are here to give you the specifics about what a solar system can really do for you. Call us today at 623-234-2836 to schedule your free estimate.