Coronavirus and Climate Change

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With sheltering in place happening around the world, there has been a dramatic reduction in the use of fossil fuels and a rapid improvement in air quality. While these changes are likely to be short-lived, there’s a larger question worth considering. Will the spread of Coronavirus have any long-term impact on the climate? And, if so, what will that be?

While the pandemic is both a human tragedy and an economic disaster, it’s likely to shape the ongoing climate crisis for many years to come. This includes efforts to revive economic activity, such as stimulus plans and back-to-work programs. For example, there may be new governmental programs in the future to launch clean energy projects that could potentially help the growing number of unemployed Americans return to work.

As well, shifts towards telecommuting, changes in consumption habits, and a reduction in both business and leisure travel may deliver both short-term and long-term effects on the climate. There is also the possibility of a global recession, with falling oil prices, which has the potential of slowing the shift to clean energy.

In other words, the pandemic will most certainly have an impact on climate change and the adoption of clean energy at a macro level. However, right now, it’s unclear if that impact will be positive or negative – or perhaps a little of both.

On a local level, there is still plenty of reason to consider making the switch to a home solar panel system which reduces reliance on utilities and delivers long-term cost savings. In this time when we’re all spending more time than ever at home, knowing that you can produce your own energy and eliminate ever-rising electric bills produces real peace of mind.

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