Coronavirus and Home Solar

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The impact of the coronavirus is growing on a daily basis. While the focus right now certainly must be on stopping the spread of the virus, there are other considerations to prepare for down the road. Many industries, including travel and hospitality, are being hit. Supplies of many consumer goods are in short supply. And, the solar industry is just beginning to feel the effect of the virus.

With most solar panels made in China, quarantines and the economic slowdown have slowed manufacturing and supply chains. This slowdown comes at a time when many homeowners and businesses are choosing to install panels to take advantage of the renewable energy tax subsidy which disappears in 2022.

The good news is that there are still inventory supplies available for those wanting to move to a solar system. With energy prices continuing to rise and push-back from utility companies impacting laws that affect solar, there is no better time to go solar.

At Cool Blew, we work with homeowners and businesses to determine the best solar option for the maximum return on investment. Depending on your specific situation, you could have little or no energy costs – enabling you to stop worrying about rising electric bills.

Let us come to your home or business and measure the amount of sun exposure, considering shade, trees and roof orientation. Every solar system is unique. So, choosing the right solar provider is critical in making an informed decision.

Whether your goal is to save money, help the environment, improve the value of your property, or all three, Cool Blew is here to help you make the right move – at the right time.
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