Dispelling Five Solar Power Myths

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When it comes to solar power, not all information is accurate. At Cool Blew Solar, we believe it’s our responsibility to educate homeowners about the benefits of solar power while always providing clear, honest information. The following are five common solar power myths that frequently are brought up by homeowners who are considering a system for their home.

Myth #1 – Home solar systems are costly and not a good value for a homeowner.

Truth – While not beneficial for every homeowner, home solar systems benefit most and can actually be quite cost effective by significantly reducing or even eliminating monthly electricity bills. And with tax savings, rebates and financing options, you can expect to pay a low monthly cost that will not waiver the way that utility bills do.

Myth #2 – Solar panels require a lot of maintenance.

Truth – Naysayers will tell you that solar panels require lots of work. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, they are built to last decades and are nearly maintenance free, requiring only rinsing on an occasional basis.

Myth #3 – Solar panels don’t work in the winter.

Truth – Actually, solar panels can operate in both sunny, cloudy, cool and hot conditions. And here in the Valley of the Sun, we actually have the optimal climate for you to gain the maximum value from a solar power system.

Myth #4 – You’ll never be able to move after installing solar panels.

Truth – The fact of the matter is that solar panels add value to your home whether you live in it or decide to sell it. According to National Renewable Energy Labs, homeowners with solar panels on their homes sold 20 percent faster than other homeowners.

Myth #5 – The technology is changing so fast, you should wait.

Truth – Solar panels are a long-term investment in your home and are built to provide years of power to your home. You may be surprised to learn that many homes equipped with panels 30 years ago are still producing solar power today.

Now that you have the truth, why not call us today to get the specifics about what a solar system can do for you.