Does a Solar Battery Make Sense for Your Home?

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While solar panel systems have been around for decades, solar batteries are a relatively new possibility for homeowners. And they can be a cost-effective addition to a system in some circumstances. Here’s some guidance on what solar batteries currently can and can’t do.

As part of a home solar panel system, a solar battery can store the extra energy solar panels produce, instead of simply feeding it back into the electricity grid. This enables you to have available electricity for times when your solar panels are not producing, such as later in the day or during the evening hours.

In some states, net metering enables homeowners to receive credit on their utility bill for every kilowatt hour of solar energy that is sent back to the grid. However, in Arizona, only homeowners with grandfathered solar plans have this benefit. Thus, for everyone else, solar batteries offer a substantial financial benefit.

While more costly than a diesel generator, a solar battery can serve as a reliable source of backup power without generating any greenhouse gas emissions. This means that during a power outage, your home can potentially run off the battery power that you’ve stored.

Many customers wonder if a solar battery lets you go completely “off the grid.” While it can seem tempting to cut the connection with the electric utility, the reality is that solar batteries aren’t designed to be a sole source of power. Instead, they provide value by being part of a complete solar panel system that is connected to the grid. Currently, most home solar batteries on the market only have enough capacity for a few hours of electricity. However, as solar battery technology continues to evolve, this capacity is likely to grow significantly.

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