Energy Efficiency Resolutions for 2021

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For many Phoenix homeowners, saving money and improving energy efficiency are high on the New Year’s resolution list. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you stick to your goals throughout the year.

Get a Home Energy Audit

The first step in improving your home’s energy efficiency is to obtain a home energy audit. By getting your home’s efficiency measured, you’ll find out where energy is escaping and what upgrades can be made that offer the greatest benefit.

Commit to One Energy Efficiency Improvement Each Month

Energy-efficient upgrades deliver significant return on investment and often rapidly pay for themselves. However, there can be upfront costs. So, it is often easier to stagger these investments over time. You can start small by investing in new power strips that can eliminate the “energy vampires” in your home that are sucking energy and increasing your utility bill. Consider making the switch to energy-efficient lighting or a programmable thermostat. Want to go bigger? Get a free estimate on a home solar system which can save you substantially on your monthly utility bill or maybe even eliminate it altogether.

Use Less Power

Encourage everyone, including yourself, to adopt a few habits that reduce power consumption. For example, turn off the lights when you leave a room. Wash your clothes in cold water. And unplug electric devices when they’re not in use.

Make it a Family Resolution

Becoming more energy efficient requires a commitment from everyone in the household. To enable this to happen, make it fun, rather than a chore. Monitor progress and plan to use the savings for something that benefits the entire family – such as saving for a fun family outing. Consider creating a chart to keep track of small changes and recognize the accomplishments of family members who are enthusiastically helping make this endeavor a success.

Psychologists say that a new behavior becomes a habit after a couple of months. So, by sticking with your energy efficiency resolution over the next few weeks, you could get on track for measurable success by spring!

Here’s to a happy and more energy efficient 2021!