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Get Solar Smart with Your Thermostat

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The benefits are undeniable when you have solar panels generating electricity for your house. One of the biggest for many homeowners is the reduction in monthly energy costs. In the Valley of the Sun, there’s a plethora of sunshine to power homes in every neighborhood. But energy consumption is also very high during this time of year. So, it makes sense to smartly conserve energy whenever you can by ensuring your house is efficient in every way. One of the simplest and most effective ways to dial down energy usage is to have the right thermostat.

Go Smart

You’re already powering your home with low-cost, green energy. A programmable thermostat makes more efficient use of your solar-powered heating and cooling system by automatically adjusting the set temperature throughout the day and night. It saves you time while also allowing your home to consistently be at the preferred temperature that you want.

Smart thermostats amp up that savings to offer the greatest energy efficiency because they don’t require any programming. Instead, they learn as you use them to create a schedule based on your specific home comfort preferences. Not only will they turn themselves down when you’re not at home, they’ll guide you to energy-efficient settings and provide reports to help you understand your energy consumption. These thermostats also connect to your home Wi-Fi network and can be monitored, set, and managed from a mobile device or PC.

HVAC systems are usually the most energy intensive devices in your home. If you’re on a time of usage plan for any electricity you’re using from a utility company, your smart thermostat can power your house more efficiently by shifting to pre-cooling when energy is less expensive and renewable energy production is higher. A smart thermostat can do this because its modeling knows how long your house can keep the desired temperature before the HVAC system kicks in. Smart thermostats help you keep more comfortable, save money, and consume cleaner energy when linked up with your solar powered home. In other words, this is a big step towards getting to net-zero carbon emissions.

Cool Blew Solar

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