Glass Coating Solar Panel Technologies

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Coatings on solar panels to produce clean, green energy have become a large part of research, development, and manufacturing since 2010. Some coatings have provided up to a 20% increase in power output. Further accelerating renewable energy adoption worldwide. With a surge in home improvements, beginning once Covid-19 restrictions lessened, solar ranked first in clean energy installations in the U.S. Let’s look at a few important coating technologies.

Coatings and Solar Panels

According to the 2020 U.S. Solar Market Insight yearly report, Arizona added 200 residential megawatts, growing 43% from 2019, due in part to the greater efficiency of coatings for solar panels.

Durable, optically clear, superhydrophobic nano-coatings were first developed in 2012. These ultra-thin coatings provide long-lasting, self-cleaning protection perfect for solar panels. Dirty solar panels in Arizona’s high dust, high pollen desert areas are an ongoing problem. Some studies have shown that solar panels installed over 10 feet from ground level, both roof and ground-level solar arrays, if not cleaned every 10 to 14 days, may cause up to a 30% reduction in power efficiency. You may be thinking that rain and wind will properly clean your solar panels. Often, though, debris stays on the panel surface even after heavy rain and windstorms. The advantage of nano coatings is that they form an invisible layer which leads to a beading effect on the glass surface of a solar panel. Water beads up and slides right off the panels.

Photonic smart coating technology works with any solar module, in conjunction with existing anti-reflective coating technologies. Their coating converts blue light, which solar panels cannot absorb, into red light that can be successfully converted into electricity. Plus, the photonic smart coating resists impact abrasion, such as from debris and dust storms, and the photonic coating can withstand temperatures close to 932 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another advantage of this technology is the potential for photonic smart coating to enable a smoother transition to clean energy. Thereby, helping to prevent more than 2.5 gigatons of greenhouse emissions between now and 2050. That’s equivalent to over 21 million gas emitting cars taken off the road!

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