Happy 4th of July and a Few Summer Solar Panel Maintenance Tips

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With the Valley of the Sun receiving plenty of direct sunlight in June, July, and August due to the sun’s higher position in the sky, every component of your solar power array is working double time. Keeping your solar system running optimally and preparing for higher rates of solar energy conversion, may mean the difference between optimum output and lost energy. You want to be certain to keep your system operating smoothly to ensure you’re receiving the best return on investment possible.

Proper solar maintenance in summer is key to maintaining your solar system output. Here are a few easy steps that you can take to safeguard your solar system throughout the height of summer.

Pay Attention to Foliage Growth

With the warmer temperatures, plant, tree, and shrub growth can hinder sunshine from striking your panels. Fresh foliage growth may create a shade zone impacting energy production. You’ll want to check for any new shade falling on any part of the solar panel throughout the day to determine what type of pruning or trimming needs to be done.

Monitor Solar Energy Production

You’ll want to pay close attention to tracking the solar system’s production during the summer. That way you can determine by day, month, and year to see if your solar system is producing the expected amount of energy. Cool Blew Solar professionals can help you understand your systems entire production history.

Clean Your Panels

One of the most effective steps is to clean your ground-mounted or roof installed solar panels every so often during summer’s monsoon season. Panels installed on the ground may not need to be cleaned as often as rooftop panels. Panels placed on a tilted roof will over time acquire more dust and debris from the summer dust storms and rain storms. You’ll want to check the solar energy production before and after panel cleaning to see the results. You can easily DIY clean your ground-mounted and rooftop panels from the ground by spraying with a hose. It’s just like washing windows or your car except without using soap, which will leave residue that reflects sunlight and causes the panels to collect even more dust and debris.

A Cool Blew Solar Fourth of July

Whether you’re an existing solar power user looking to upgrade your system or you’re ready to go solar, call the professionals at Cool Blew Solar. We are your trusted solar panel installers in the Phoenix area. We’ll help educate you on the best solar arrays for your home and how to best maintain them in the summer. Call us today at 623-234-2836. Have a safe and happy 4th of July!