Happy 4th of July Solar Style

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The Fourth of July is the official day for Americans to celebrate our country’s freedom and independence. Why not make it a holiday to also declare your energy independence from fossil fuels? By increasing your energy efficiency of your home and going solar, you can take control of your energy destiny and save yourself some big bucks, too!

Home solar is quintessentially an expression of your independence. With less reliance on corporate energy production and more money in your pocket, you will enjoy greater financial freedom and independence. You won’t dread that monthly utility bill or worry about that next rate hike. You don’t have to choose rate plans or calculate on-peak and off-peak rate differences. And you’ll gain the peace of mind knowing that your panels will be quietly working for decades to keep your energy costs consistent while also helping the environment.

Clean energy produced from home solar systems and wind turbines also creates American jobs – lots of jobs. In fact, the solar industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the American economy. In this time of economic uncertainty and high unemployment, clean energy is a beacon of opportunity that can help set the country on a positive path to cleaner, cheaper energy and an improved environment.

Becoming more energy efficient and supporting clean energy are, more than ever, steps that Americans can take to help improve the safety, health and economic fortitude of our country. This year, as you celebrate Independence Day, consider the advantages of celebrating energy independence.

From all of us at Cool Blew Solar, we wish you a wonderful Fourth of July.