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Harness the Fall Sun by Adding Solar Panels to Your House

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Phoenix experienced a record for the most days at or above 110 Fahrenheit this year at 55 days. Phoenix also experienced the hottest three summer months since record keeping began in 1895. The sweltering summer of 2023 and its historic heat wave has ignited the demand for harnessing the power of the sun by local homeowners. The best way to do this is by tapping into the valuable resource of our abundant sunshine by adding solar panels to your rooftop. Beyond reducing your carbon footprint, there are several reasons why investing in solar panels for your Valley of the Sun home is a smart decision.

Abundant Sunshine

Arizona is a solar energy paradise, boasting more than 300 sun-drenching days per year. By installing solar panels, they’ll absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity, reducing your dependence on traditional energy sources. With a solar system sized properly to your household needs, you can often produce more electricity than you consume, leading to net savings in your pocketbook.

Lower Energy Bills

The abundance of sunlight translates to significant savings on your energy bills. Many homeowners report a noticeable drop in their monthly energy costs shortly after solar panel installation. With the federal solar investment tax credit of 30%, and the state of Arizona’s own tax incentives and potential rebates, your initial investment can be reduced substantially. It’s common for homeowners to recoup their solar panel installation costs in as little as 5 to 7 years, leaving you with decades of free electricity.

Increase Home Value

Solar panels are a very attractive feature for potential home buyers. A solar panel equipped home is viewed as more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, making it more desirable in the real estate market. A number of studies show that homes with solar panels often sell faster and at a higher price than comparable homes in your neighborhood without them. So, you’ll not only enjoy lower energy bills, but you’ll also be increasing the resale value of your property.

Protect Against Rising Energy Costs

Utility rates tend to rise over time, but when you have solar panels installed, you’re shielded from these increases. Your home is generating its own electricity, so you won’t be affected by fluctuating energy prices. This financial security and independence are particularly valuable in a state like Arizona, where air conditioning use is essential during our sweltering summers.

Cool Blew Solar Installers

Adding solar panels to your home’s roof is a wise investment with many benefits. There’s no better time

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