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Have a Green Super Bowl Party

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It’s time to cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. Super Bowl LVII will be played at State Farm Stadium in Glendale on Sunday, February 12. Besides having great food and drinks on hand for family and friends, you can also help the environment. As your go-to solar installation company in the Valley of the Sun, Cool Blew Solar has some go-to tips for a green Super Bowl party!

Buy Sustainable and Compostable

Buy biodegradable products like cups, straws, plates, and flatware for your party. Biodegradable products can be made out of a corn-based resin, a renewable resource, or even compostable paper.

Recycle It

Put out different bins for waste depending on the items being thrown out. One bin can be labeled for recyclable items such as glass, plastic, aluminum, and cardboard, with another bin for items that can’t be recycled. There are biodegradable garbage bags that can be used to be even more eco-friendly. You may want to consider a third bin for food waste that can be composted including cardboard pizza boxes cut into smaller pieces.

Offset Your Game

Major sporting events such as the Super Bowl offset the environmental impact of their day-to-day activities by choosing carbon offset products. Carbon offsets are a great way to support projects that avoid or reduce carbon emissions. Though it may be challenging to reduce electricity usage during your Super Bowl party, carbon offsets are an easy way to go green if you haven’t yet installed solar panels. Carbon offsets allow you to reduce your environmental footprint by paying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions elsewhere. Projects can range from reforestation efforts, renewable energy development, and for the sustainable travel industry. It’s easy to calculate the carbon footprint of your home and then select a project that’s underway globally.

Join The Solar Revolution

No matter what team you’re cheering on, by following Cool Blew Solar’s eco-tips, you’ll be doing your part to be green. Ready to find the best ways to go solar after the Super Bowl? Call our friendly technicians at 623-234-2836 to schedule your free quote today.