Heating Your Home with Solar

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While we’ve had an unbelievably hot year, temperatures are starting to cool down. You know what this means. Yes, soon it will be time to switch the thermostat from cool to heat. With evening temperatures often dipping into the 50s and below during the late fall and winter, heating can be your biggest energy consumer in your home. So, it makes sense to develop a plan for keeping your solar home warm.


This is an obvious home heating strategy, but one that is often overlooked by homeowners. Take the time to seal and insulate drafts and leaks throughout your home to increase the overall efficiency of your home solar system. This will also reduce outside noise, better manage humidity, and limit allergens and pests from entering your home spaces.

Turn on Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans aren’t just for summer. By reversing the fan’s direction, you can circulate hot air generated by your heaters to bounce off the ceiling and circulate back to ground level.

Use Space Heaters

Portable, electric space heaters are excellent at concentrating heat in one area and are inexpensive to buy and operate. To maintain safety, make sure to carefully follow all instructions and guidelines.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

For heating your entire home, a smart thermostat is a must. You’ll be able to dynamically adjust your energy usage throughout the day to optimize your HVAC system. This ensures that you’re not using more electricity than needed to heat your home.

Consider a Solar Heat Pump

With your rooftop solar panels supplying usable energy for your home, you can add to it with an air-source heat pump that provides heat via ducts or pipes. It’s an efficient way to utilize the power of the sun while keeping your home warm and comfortable.

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