Home Solar – A Perfect Holiday Gift in 2020

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With many of us avoiding brick and mortar stores this holiday season, gift-giving has become a little more challenging. Of course, there’s plenty to order online – like the latest tech gadget, video game or TV. But, perhaps more than ever, there’s real value in giving a gift that will keep on giving. If you’re looking for a memorable and practical gift for a home-owning child, friend or neighbor, you may just want to consider an initial deposit on a solar panel system that can help them save substantially on their monthly utility bill.

Can You Really Give Someone Solar?

Yes, it’s true. At Cool Blew Solar, we’ll gladly work with you to help you give a gift that will work with the homeowner’s parameters.

An initial deposit on a solar panel system is based on the size of the system needed and the type of financing agreed upon by you and the homeowner. The gift will include a free in-home inspection and energy audit to understand the specific needs and suitability of the home.

You don’t need to know everything about your gift recipient’s home before giving the gift. However, you may want to find out if they’re interested in solar before surprising them with such a long-term gift. Once you have their interest, our team of solar consultants can set up an assessment of the property and create a system that will work with the specific type of roof.

Yes, solar isn’t a typical holiday gift. We get it. But, it is something that can make a difference for many years to come in terms of savings and home value. You’ll also be making a positive impact on the environment while buying from a local business.

At Cool Blew Solar, we’re here to make your holiday a memorable one. So, give us a call today at 623-234-2836 to learn more about giving the gift of solar to a loved one.