Home Solar and the Rise of Rolling Blackouts

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Electricity is a technology that we all take for granted living in a developed nation. We use it for everything from cooking and cooling our homes to powering our electronics and washing our clothes. Yet, the availability of electricity has been in the news lately with rolling blackouts and a growing power crisis in California.

In Phoenix, we haven’t had to face blackouts yet. However, we are now being asked to conserve energy because of excessive heat and the loss of a major transmitter due to a wildfire in the Tonto National Forest. Could blackouts be in the future for Arizonans? With increasing migration into the state and hotter temperatures, it’s a distinct possibility.

While intentional brownouts and rolling blackouts are sometimes necessary to reduce energy consumption to meet the collective need of an energy grid, they can be very disruptive – especially when you’re living in a location with frequent triple-digit temperatures. For homeowners, a solution to mitigate the disruption associated with blackouts is to make a shift to onsite power generation. In other words, installing a home solar system with battery storage.

With rooftop or ground-level solar panels, Arizona homeowners can generate plenty of electricity and decrease or even eliminate their dependency on the grid. This means that when there is a power outage, you can seamlessly maintain power to keep your HVAC system running, the lights on, and your devices charged. That’s peace of mind!

Green, renewable energy is the obvious answer to the increasing threat of energy shortages, making it a smart decision for homeowners now. And with the various financial incentives currently available, including the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), there has never been a better time to invest in solar.

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