Home Solar Panels and Charging Electric Vehicles

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What do you get when you combine a home solar panel system with an electric vehicle? Valuable possibilities to save money and power your home at the same time. Residential solar panels are a cost effective, efficient way to go green. And electric vehicles (EV) are virtually maintenance free and environmentally friendly. Together, you’ll be leading the way by being less reliant on the electric power grid, and your transportation won’t run out of fuel. Here’s a peek into what you need to know about home solar panel systems and charging an electric car.

What’s Needed to Fuel Your EV?

Installing a battery storage system and charging port at your house is a convenient, long term cost-effective way to safely charge your car. A battery storage system stores excess clean energy from your rooftop solar panels to easily recharge your EV. A charging station, generally located in your garage or driveway, is where you’ll plug in your EV to charge overnight. You’ll also need to install an EV specific photovoltaic inverter. Once the EV charging port is connected to the inverter, you’ll be on the way to limiting your carbon footprint and saving money at the same time by using the sun’s energy!

How Many Panels are Needed to Charge Your EV?

Using your home solar panel system to charge your electric car is much easier than you may think. To generate enough power for charging an EV, a few key measurements are needed to estimate the appropriate number of solar panels required:

  1. The average number of miles you drive per year
  2. The efficiency rating of your EV
  3. The average amount of electricity your home consumes in a year

On average, five to 10 rooftop solar panels will be needed to power up your EV.

Benefits of Using Home Solar Panels to Power Your EV

A few reasons why charging your EV with your home solar panels is climate-friendly, economical, and efficient.

  • Power from the electrical grid increases over time while harvesting the sun’s free energy with rooftop solar panels, producing clean, very low-cost energy.
  • You’ll save time by not having to power up your EV at roadside public charging stations.
  • Initial upfront investment is easily offset by various federal, state, and local tax incentives, rebates, and promotions for installing home solar panels.

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