Home Solar Power System Safety

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Like with all forms of electrical equipment, there are safety precautions to take with home solar power systems. First and foremost, it’s important to get a professional installation of any solar power system to prevent the risk of fire due to incorrect equipment or wiring. At Cool Blew Solar, we specialize in home and commercial space installations to ensure your system is completely safe from day one.

Poor quality installation can also increase the risk of electric shock. Although panels produce lower voltage electricity, they can generate enough voltage to cause injury. Installation should include the normal electrical protection equipment that would be in place in a high voltage circuit.

If you are concerned about the safety of your solar power system, have a qualified expert conduct an inspection. Don’t check or test panels, wiring or other parts of the system yourself. Because there is a specific shut down procedure, you also don’t want to try and turn off the system.

Cleaning Solar Panels

When it comes to cleaning panels, you also will want to take some precautions. Solar panels can be incredibly hot during the day – especially in sunny Arizona. In other words, you can get burned by touching a hot solar panel. Make sure to clean your panels in the early morning or better yet, on a cool day. You’ll want to be extra careful if climbing on the roof to clean panels. Use a sturdy ladder that’s placed on level ground. Or better yet, leave the cleaning to the experts.

Home solar power systems are incredibly safe, as well as reliable and durable. They will also enable you to save big on your utility costs while reducing your environmental footprint. With the right system professionally installed and taking a few safety precautions, you will gain the maximum benefits of solar technology for many, many years to come.