How Changing Weather Impact Solar Panels

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If you’re like many homeowners with a home solar system, you may wonder if your solar panels continue generating power when there’s inclement weather. Solar panels are built and rigorously tested to withstand extreme and varying weather conditions like severe wind, hail, extreme heat, and pounding rain. But, do they produce power on a cloudy or rainy day? Here’s what you need to know.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

The photovoltaic (PV) cells in the panels are extremely sensitive to even the smallest amounts of sunlight. When the rays of the sun strike the panels, the PV cells immediately absorb the energy. The cells develop electric charges to move the energy absorbed, resulting in a flow of electricity. The electricity is changed into direct current (DC) and solar invertors then convert DC to alternating current (AC) energy that is distributed throughout your home to efficiently run devices and appliances.

What’s the Impact of Weather?

Cloudy Days

On a partly cloudy or overcast day, solar panels continue to produce power. Solar panels don’t require direct sunlight, they just need to interact with the photons emitted by the sun. The panels will work at about 25% capacity, enough to retain their ability to generate adequate power.


Do solar panels work in the rain? Thanks to reflective or diffused light, your solar panels will keep working effectively even during a heavy monsoon downpour. Though electricity production will be reduced, you’re seamlessly tied into the national power grid generating a continuous flow of power to your home.


Solar panels are highly resistant to damage from high winds. A well-built panel racking system installed on your roof may even be more resistant than roof tiles to strong winds. The most durable, highly rated solar panels are built to continue operating in wind speeds up to 140 mph.

Triple Digit Temperatures

When temperatures in Arizona soar into the triple digits, your panels will continue operating even when rooftop temperatures are higher than actual temperatures. Approximately every degree above 87 degrees will lower solar panel output by about one percent.

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