How Green Energy Is Helping Americans This Labor Day

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With Labor Day weekend here, we thought it was an ideal opportunity to share some facts and figures about green energy, including solar, that showcase how renewables are helping American workers thrive and prepare for the future.

In a study by the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), data shows that the US has the capability to generate most of its electricity from renewable energy within 30 years. This is feasible with technologies that are already available, including wind turbines, geothermal, hydropower and solar photovoltaics. And even more interesting, wind and solar combined are capable of providing up to about half of the US electricity.

The benefits of moving to a greener, sustainable future are substantial not only for our climate, but also for our health and economy. Renewable energy reduces global warming emissions, improves public health and supplies jobs, along with other measurable economic benefits. And because most renewable energy sources don’t require water for cooling, they also reduce water consumption for power production.

For homeowners, renewable energy offers greater freedom from and influence over the cost of energy. A home solar panel system captures the sun’s rays and converts their energy into a form that can be used by any home appliance. As well, a system can be tied directly back to the local electrical grid, so that the local utility can buy back electricity from the homeowner at a negotiated rate.

For American workers, green energy offers tremendous career potential. The ongoing increase in jobs is a result of dropping technology costs, more demand for clean energy and supportive policies and investments. Currently the renewable energy sector employs nearly 800,000 Americans, about the same as the US telecommunications industry. The largest job growth currently can be found in the solar and wind sectors. Compare this to the coal industry which continues to decline, now employing about 150,000 workers.

As investment in clean energy continues, the future looks bright for Americans who want to help solve today’s energy challenges and lead the way in a clean energy future. To learn more about home solar panel systems and the advantages they offer, call Cool Blew Solar today.