How Many Solar Panels Does Your Home Need?

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There are numerous solar panel features and differentiators to consider if you’re contemplating a move to solar energy. The modular design of solar panels means you can buy the correct number of panels depending on the design of your house, rather than choosing between predetermined panel sizes. A win-win for homeowners and clean energy! Let’s look at important factors in solar panel system size.

Home Size and Roof Space

Two houses with the same square footage may have dramatically different energy requirements. Efficiency of home appliances and family energy usage habits are two considerations. The efficiency of your air conditioning system is also important. For example, a home with newer Energy Star appliances will probably consume less electricity than a same size home with less-efficient appliances.
Solar panels are adaptable to almost every type of roof surface, keeping in mind that roofs with a chimney, skylight, or roof-mounted air conditioning unit will have space for less panels. Roof areas covered by shadows or trees will limit the number of panels too.

Direct Sunlight

Where there is more sunshine, there is more solar energy that can be converted into clean, renewable electricity. The yearly output of each solar panel is higher in states located in the desert southwest, like our state of Arizona or New Mexico. This is due to a higher amount of sunlight than less sunny regions like the Plains states and New England.

Panel Specifications

The average home in the United States uses 10,649 kWh of energy yearly according to 2019 data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The power rating of panels depends on the type of model and the manufacturer, with most solar panels from 260 watts to 400 watts. Panels will contain 60 solar cells or 72 solar cells joined together. The higher the photovoltaic panel wattage, the fewer panels you will need to have installed. This will help you estimate the number of installed solar panels your home will require along with how much you spend on electricity bills, energy needs, and roof space.

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