How much solar power does a solar panel produce?

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Looking around your neighborhood, you probably see more than a few homes that have solar panels installed on their roofs. Yet, have you ever wondered how much power those panels produce? It’s a common question, and one that deserves an accurate answer. In fact, the answer gets directly to the heart of what size solar panel system you may need if you choose to go solar.

How much power a solar panel produces is more than a simple math question. It’s not a matter of just how many watts it produces in every square foot. Rather, you must take into consideration real world conditions, like how well it is designed to handle temperature, the angle in which the panels are mounted and the amount of light the panels receive.


Many Arizonans are surprised to learn that more heat doesn’t equal more power. In fact, temperatures that are greater than 77 degrees Fahrenheit can reduce power production. This is why it’s important to choose quality panels that are designed to reduce losses in energy production due to heat.


Every solar panel installation is different, but typically, installers install panels facing due south to capture the most direct sunlight. To maximize power generated from the sun’s rays, you’ll want to work with a professional installer who only works with panels that are built with high-grade, anti-reflective glass.

Amount of Light

Calculating solar power production also means taking into account shade created from trees, leaves, dust and other obstacles that can diffuse light and impact solar panel power output. An experienced solar installer will figure out ways to avoid issues with shade to amplify power production.

When evaluating solar panel systems, it makes sense to choose the system that generates the highest amount of power that you can afford and fits on your roof. This enables you to pay off the system faster with greater power generation.

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