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How to Avoid a Scary Solar Halloween

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It’s Halloween in the Valley of the Sun, the time for scary things like ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. Yet, for homeowners, there are few things more haunting than a solar panel problem that could have been prevented with a call to your expert technicians at Cool Blew Solar. You’ll want to reduce the risk of your solar system experiencing any frightful malfunctions by making certain the system is functioning at full capacity. Here are three things to pay attention to avoid a scary solar Halloween.

Frightful Weather Damage

When’s the last time you checked your solar panels for monsoon thunderstorms or other severe weather damage? High winds, severe dust storms, flying branches or outdoor furniture, pelting hail, and lightning strikes can damage solar panels or electrical components that connect the panels to the rest of the solar panel system. Cool Blew Solar installers know all the tricks to make certain all connections are tight, there aren’t any loose or damaged solar components, and panel glass isn’t cracked or compromised. The best way to keep your panels protected is to have your local expert installers do a system wide inspection.

A Scary Long Time Since Solar Maintenance

Sometimes homeowners think once the panels are installed and the system is up and running, they can leave everything unchecked. Solar panels require regular maintenance and occasional cleaning to keep them functioning at warranted efficiency levels. Panels and associated components are subjected to outdoor elements which can leave dirt and debris on exposed surfaces. When panels are not maintained, it can decrease their ability to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight reducing efficiency levels. It’s important to clean the panels a few times per year. If you haven’t had the solar panels cleaned or serviced, now is a great time to schedule an appointment.

Tricky Electrical Issues

Solar panels can experience electrical connection issues resulting in a drop in power production or even loss of connectivity to the power grid. Loose panel connections, inverter problems, solar battery issues, wiring that has been damaged due to critters or weather events, if left unchecked, can lead to loss of power or even a fire.

Expect the Unexpected

Cool Blew Solar installers are here to help you maximize the life and efficiency of your solar system. We want to make certain your system is running the way it should be and avoid a fright-fest. To schedule

time for a fall system checkup or answer any solar related questions, call us today at 623-234-2836. The spirit of Halloween is alive and well. Happy Halloween!