How to Choose a Solar Installation Company

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While DIY shows and home improvement stores have made it easy for handy homeowners to make many repairs and renovations, it’s still not a wise decision to try and undertake the installation of solar panels on your roof. Besides the risks of working with electrical components high above ground, there is a science and an art to positioning panels to best capture the power of the sun. In other words, it requires a skilled professional.

You’re better off working with an experienced solar installation company that can do the job right the first time. In fact, your choice in solar installation contractor can make or break your ability to save money on your investment in solar. Here are a few tips to help you find a contractor who can ensure you get the most out of your solar investment.


Lots of contractors are getting into the solar business because of increased consumer demand. Many have little or no experience. You’re wise to choose a provider that has the experience to ask the right questions, recommend the right system and install it correctly.


Don’t just settle for any equipment. Ask questions about durability in the extreme weather conditions we face here in the Valley of the Sun. You’ll also want to understand degradation rates and solar panel efficiency before you sign on the dotted line on any investment you make.


A skilled solar installer will carefully evaluate your home and surroundings. This includes taking a close look at your roof, including the contour of the roof, aesthetics, and the amount of shade and sun.

Licensed and bonded

Everyone on the installation crew should be licensed and bonded, as well as having the capability to do the job and not make mistakes.


Ask about what is covered by the warranty offered. You’ll want a warranty that covers the entire system, not just the panels.

Financing options

A reputable solar company will have a variety of financing options, including cash, loans and leasing. Only choose a provider that is transparent about who is financing or underwriting any loan or lease you’re contemplating.

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