How to Improve Your Home’s Solar Panel Output During the Winter Months

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Shorter days with less sun and cooler temperatures. Yep, winter is here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still take advantage of the power of the sun. There are opportunities to maximize your home’s solar panel system output throughout the winter. In fact, you may not know that solar panels run more efficiently in colder temperatures. Here are a few ways to improve your solar output during the winter.

Optimize PV Panels Angle

Now that December has arrived, it’s time to lower the angle of your panels due to the earth’s tilt. By reorienting your solar panels correctly, you’ll be ensuring maximum efficiency and power output. To convert the sun’s energy into electricity, your panels must be at the correct tilt and that means pointing panels as directly south as possible. There are formulas to calculate the ideal angle, mounting hardware that can be added or possibly your panels have either continuous panel tracking or seasonal panel tracking built-in to increase sun exposure automatically.

Maintain Clean Panels

Over the summer monsoon season and into the fall, your solar panels may have collected dirt from dust storms, leaf and limb debris from trees and shrubs, and droppings from critters, which can impact sunlight absorption. By regularly cleaning your panels, any shading on the surface of the solar panels will be cleared, increasing capacity considerably. This will lead to increased electricity generation during the shorter days of winter.

Consider Adding a Solar Battery

Arizona has more sunny days than any other state, over 300 on average, depending on location, with average solar panel performance improving in winter due to the cooler and clearer days. Installing a solar battery means the battery can store the excess solar energy for days when panel output is lower due to cloudy and stormy days or after sunset. The typical American household uses about 30 kWh each day with the average solar battery having a capacity of 10 kWh. Installing a solar battery can reduce your electricity needs during the winter and optimize the carbon-reduction impacts from your solar panel system. You can add additional solar batteries to further lower your home’s carbon footprint, take control of your utility bills, and gain additional energy independence.

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