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How to Keep Home Solar Panels Running Smoothly During February and March

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As a Phoenix metro homeowner with a rooftop solar panel system, you know that Arizona’s abundant sunshine keeps your system cranking much of the year. But the late winter months of February and March can seriously impact energy production if you’re not staying on top of maintenance for your panels.

While the weather is generally mild and clear compared to many parts of the country during our “winter” season, it still poses challenges. The low arc of the winter sun, smaller amounts of direct sunlight, and unpredictable micro storms with heavy rain or even hail can all reduce solar panel productivity. Follow this advice to keep them functioning efficiently even during the Valley’s cooler season.

Adjust the Angle

Changing the tilt angle of solar arrays to better capture the low angles of the winter sun is crucial this time of the year. Generally, you’ll add 10-15 degrees more slant during October and November, then dial back 5 degrees or so in January or February. Specific adjustment depends on your roof angle – optimize for 90-degree angle with the midday sunlight.

Clear Off Debris

Late winter’s wind and storms can leave pollen residue, dust, leaves, bird droppings, and other debris all over the panels’ surfaces. Even a light coating can substantially reduce their absorption capacity. Also, you’ll want to trim back nearby tree branches casting winter shade on your panels.

Inspect Physical Damage

Examine panels and mounts closely for broken glass, warped casings, loose wiring, or other defects at ground level. Winter weather can take a toll on them, including occasional hailstorms. Even small fractures or missing shingles underneath can undermine your panel’s productivity. Get any physical damage professionally repaired before problems spread.

Reboot Inverters

Like any sophisticated electronics, solar inverters can benefit from turning them off and then back on again. Reset buttons or breaker switches quickly reboot your system without fully powering down. It may be time for a reset if you notice the inverter lacking its usual humming or lights indicating proper functioning.

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