How to Maximize Solar Panel Efficiency

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Your solar panels are installed, and you’re enjoying lower utility bills. But, you may be wondering if there are opportunities to maximize solar panel efficiency? The answer is yes. The following are just a few of the ways that you can get more out of your home solar investment.

Install a Solar Power Concentrator

Solar power concentrators allow you to maximize the power of your solar panels by concentrating solar light. These concentrators use mirrors or lenses to concentrate a large amount of sunlight onto a receiver. Using a tracking system, the concentrated light is captured, so that it falls on the solar panel for optimum efficiency. Ensuring that all available sunlight is used to generate electricity, it can save you additional money. An extra advantage of a solar power concentrator is it can efficiently store energy during the night.

Place Solar Panels at the Correct Angle

Solar panels installed in a south-facing location with the correct pitch will capture the most sunshine for maximum electricity production. Paying close attention to solar panel pitch is important as the slope of your solar panels helps keep them clean. Leaves, dust, and rain can impact solar energy output levels. The right pitch will help to reduce the impact of these power impediments.

Install a Backup Battery

Investing in a solar battery backup system allows you to use this stored energy at night or when outages occur due to storms. On days with overcast skies, you can also pull power from the batteries. Plus, a backup system allows you to reduce your house’s carbon footprint.

Reduce the Number of Devices

To use less electricity, don’t use or charge too many devices at one time. Depending on the output of your solar panel arrays and the amount of energy appliances and devices use, limit your use of devices simultaneously. For example, don’t run the dishwasher at the same time as you’re using the washing machine. If the room you’re in is bright and sunny, turn off the lights. This will help to maximize solar panel efficiency and eliminate low voltage problems in your house.

Keep Panels Clean

Solar panels with accumulations of dust or dirt will reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the photovoltaic cells. Cleaning your solar panels a few times a year allows them to convert more solar energy into electricity. Some studies have shown up to a 21% increase in solar panel efficiency.

Offset Temperature Increases

Solar panel performance decreases as the thermometer rises. In the Valley of the Sun, one way to attack the heat is to leave six inches of space between your roof and your solar panels. This enables wind currents to carry heat away from the panels, helping to increase energy generated by your solar panel arrays.

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