How to Work with Your HOA When Going Solar

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Many homeowners who live in communities with homeowners’ associations (HOAs) have been told that it’s too difficult to install solar panels on their homes, due to bylaws, rules, and regulations. While it can be slightly more complex when it comes to installing panels in these communities, the reality is that almost always HOAs are more than open to working with homeowners to help make their solar goals a reality.

The solar project shutdowns that make for scary stories are typically because homeowners haven’t first obtained HOA approval prior to installation. To avoid frustrating delays and holdups, there are a few steps that you should ensure are followed before installation begins:

Notify the HOA and Get Approval First

The first and most important step is to make contact with your HOA to find out what you need to do to get approval for a home solar project. Most likely, you’re not the first homeowner who has requested this, so you’ll likely get a clearly defined set of steps and requirements that you must follow.

Do the Paperwork

HOAs will typically require you to complete a form and submit a site plan diagram that shows the location for the arrays you plan to install and the dimensions of them. This is often the same set of diagrams that are required for city permitting.

Wait for Approval

Just because you’ve submitted the paperwork doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good to go with installation. Take the time to get the letter of approval from the HOA. Yes, this may require several follow up calls and more time than you like. But, it’s better to wait for approval, than to have your project put on hold because your project hasn’t received final sign off.

At Cool Blew Solar, we want to make going solar easy and enjoyable. This is why we handle all the details, including applying for permits and working with your HOA. Call us today at 1-623-234-2836 to learn more about how we can help you maximize the advantage of solar.