Is It Time to Solarize Your House?

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If you have been thinking about solar panels installation there’s no better time than now, guaranteeing you’ll be taking full advantage of summer sunshine to power your home with clean energy and reduce your monthly electricity bill. Here are five steps to follow to get started powering your home with solar energy.

1. Know Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

The first step in going solar is to be aware of the total electricity usage for your household. Then, you want to investigate ways to reduce your electricity usage.
Estimate your home’s energy usage by using an energy estimator tool provided by your local utility company. APS and SRP provide energy usage and demand usage kWh by categories, including cooling and heating, lighting, appliances, water heating, and pool and outdoors. With your home’s customized energy report in hand, you can review and consider implementing energy saving tips, such as:

  • Obtaining a home energy audit
  • Investing in Energy Star rated appliances and electronics
  • Switching to energy efficient LED light bulbs
  • Weatherizing your home’s heating and cooling systems

2. Understand Your Home’s Solar Potential

You want to assess the potential solar energy capabilities of your home. The amount of power that can be generated at your house depends on the number of solar panels that will be installed and how much of the sun’s energy reaches your home. There are a few mapping tools available like PVWatts and Sun Number that provide numerical scores representing the solar suitability of your home’s rooftop.

3. Assess Options to Go Solar

Purchasing a solar panel array system will increase the market value of your house, and you’ll be eligible to take advantage of tax credits, incentives, and rebates. Another solar system option is a solar lease allowing you to use the power it generates, but a third party owns the solar equipment.

4. Estimate Solar Power Needs

By reviewing your electricity usage for each month of the year and considering any planned changes, such as purchasing an electric vehicle or a home improvement, you’ll help your solar contractor provide the most accurate quote.

5. Select Your Solar Installer

When interviewing installers, you’ll want to be certain they are properly insured and certified, knowledgeable about local permitting and power interconnection processes, and that they will provide customer references. Cool Blew Solar does all this, along with ensuring that all equipment is installed correctly with 100% customer satisfaction. Call Cool Blew Solar today at 623-234-2836 to schedule your free quote.