Is Your Roof Solar-Ready?

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The advantages of going solar are clear. Not only does it reduce your environmental footprint, it can save you money and increase the value of your home. Yet, to gain these advantages, it’s important to consider your roof.

There are the obvious concerns. You don’t want to install solar panels on a roof that is leaking or one that is covered by dense vegetation. Yet, there are other issues to consider.

Type of Roof

Asphalt shingles are optimal for solar panel installation. Flat roofs also are ideal, though there may be additional costs for mounting and racking equipment to angle the panels towards the sun. Cool Blew Solar installs panels on the majority of roof types, including concrete and ceramic tile.

Age of the Roof

It’s important to consider the age of your roof before installation. If you are in need of a reroof in the next few years, you may want to take care of that prior to installation of solar panels.

The Direction of the Roof

More energy is produced if the solar panels are exposed to sunlight throughout the day. South, east and west-facing roofs typically can allow solar panels to absorb sufficient amounts of sun to power a home.

The Size of the Roof

Sloped roofs with plenty of space are perfect for solar installation in Peoria. Vents and skylights can make installation slightly more complicated. In an ideal situation, a south-facing roof with 10 to 15 years of life is the best situation. But, the professional installation team at Cool Blew Solar have experience working on a wide range of roof types with different angles, materials and ages.

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